Further Delays on the 1.1 Update

If you've kept up with Thought Reactor over the last couple weeks you might know that I became very ill about three weeks ago and it's sent a lot of things in my life into a tizzy. The first thing to get snubbed, sadly, is work on the 1.1 patch. I had slated to have it out today - but alas, that is not the case.

I'm currently working through getting the settings menu squared away with new options for fullscreen/windowed toggle and the ability to toggle the various post-processing effects on/off. Once that is complete I will be rolling the current audio system over into the newish Unity mixer so players can control the volumes entirely, or in part (music and sound effects). 

Rolling the current tween animation system over to a new one will be fairly straight forward and after some stress testing should smooth out the movement-based bugs that occur in some of the later levels.

I'll keep the date up in the air - lot's of things going on in the coming months but IGEO will be updated and it's life cycle will be laid to rest to prepare for Temples of IGEO.


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