Forthcoming 1.1 Update

Some recent interest in the game has illuminated a couple bugs that I'd like to address.

In my initial attempt at booting the game up in Unity 2017.4 I have run into some strange bugs likely occurring due to the upgrade from 2017.3. So with that, this will be less of a simple bug patch, but a pretty solid update which will address those bugs, some quality of life and UX tweaks, and potentially some performance upgrades.

I'll have to smooth over some older systems (quite frankly, I'm appalled by some old habits of mine) in order to get this update right. The goal of this update is simply to polish and preserve IGEO for the future. That being said, short of addressing game-breaking bugs it will likely mark the end of development support for an almost 3 year old title.

Moving forward, I am currently developing a prototype for a reimagining of IGEO which will take the game's challenging mechanics and expand upon them in a more atmospheric, less-traditional puzzle game. More news on that will follow once I have something I'd like to share!

I'm hoping to have the Version 1.1 update squared away before the end of the month. 


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