IGEO DX Alpha Tester's Guide

Thank you for taking some time to help play and test IGEO DX in its Open Alpha phase! Your participation in finding and submitting bugs is crucial to the game leaving this stage and becoming a polished final product.

Before we begin, it is essential to mention the following points:

  1. This game is IN DEVELOPMENT! You are not playing a complete and polished game and as such there will be missing features, placeholder and missing art and sounds, and of course - BUGS.
  2. Given the above, performance and optimization is not a top priority. Performance issues should be noted but they are not necessarily bugs and they may or may not be addressed during the alpha stage.
  3. The game will be updated frequently - so we recommend installing it through the Itch.io Client to maintain updates. Small little patches and updates will not be announced and unstable builds will happen. Major alpha updates that add features will be announced in advance.

How do I submit bugs?

In an effort to make this process as simple and accessible as possible we're providing players with multiple options for submitting bugs:

What's the best solution?

Which ever you are most comfortable with! We prefer the Google Form as it is the most archival method of collecting bug reports - but there is a lot to be said about using Discord as we can communicate more directly with you, if needed. All things considered, any bug submitted in any fashion will get attention from us - so don't hesitate to submit!

Play Testing Tips

You already know how to play games - so just do that! However, during your time spent with IGEO DX try and look out for the following things:

  • Shapes clipping into walls or the player
  • Shapes that cannot be pushed when expected
  • Jittery movement
  • Player clipping into walls or not falling into holes
  • Missing level data in the level menu (Best Time and/or Least Moves reads "N/A")
  • Issues loading levels
  • Game crashing

If you run into any of these or other strange behavior - submit!

When in doubt - just submit. Bugs manifest themselves in crazy ways and can't often be reproduced easily or in every scenario. 

That is pretty much it! Thanks for being apart of this process. Anyone who submits bugs will have their names/aliases mentioned in the credits as you are literally helping to build this game.

Happy testing!


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