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Challenging Sokoban-like with an abstract design · By Thought Reactor


Recent updates

There And Back Again - Revelations in Visual & Gameplay Design
As the majority of IGEO DX's gameplay design has been implemented, the primary focus of development will be shifting into bolstering and refining the visual des...
3 files — alpha-0.1.1b
The Open Alpha Roadmap
First and foremost - thanks to all who have given IGEO DX a spin so far! This post is going to paint a big picture overview of what to expect during the Open Al...
3 files — alpha-0.1.1b
Minor Update to Alpha 0.1.1b
Heya folks! IGEO DX has been updated to Alpha Version 0.1.1b to address a bug which was causing the game client to crash on opening on Windows systems. We don'...
3 files — alpha-0.1.1b
IGEO DX Open Alpha is a GO!
It was a bumpy road - but here she is: Alpha Version 0.1.0 ! The game is not in a perfect state but it is ready for some abuse. While the game is free to play...
IGEO DX Alpha Tester's Guide
Thank you for taking some time to help play and test IGEO DX in its Open Alpha phase! Your participation in finding and submitting bugs is crucial to the game l...