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Solve challenging spatial logic puzzles by pushing and combining like-shapes · By Thought Reactor


Recent updates

Release Schedule Changes
Phew! It's been a bit since our last update. Since then - a few pretty cool things have happened: We participated in the Steam Game Festival Autumn and got just...
Tough Decisions for IGEO DXs Future
In the most recent dev blog I outlined some rather significant changes to the development of IGEO DX. Most of these changes revolved around how the level progre...
Design Overhaul and Ending the Open Alpha Early
Before I get into the meat of this post, I'll break it down simply: the game will still be available as it currently stands. However, there will be no more "Op...
3 files — alpha-0.1.1b, alpha-0.1.1
Delays for Alpha Update #1
Unfortunately, late last night my application SSD failed. The good news is this drive does not contain ANY important data or project files. However, it is the...
Getting Things Ready for Update #1 and Beyond
Greetings! This is going to be a rather quick update to discuss where things are at with the forthcoming Alpha Update #1 (Version 0.1.5). I had to push some stu...
3 files — alpha-0.1.1b
Level Progression and Pacing in Puzzle Games
When designing any game it is incredibly important to consider and maintain the right pacing. Players don't want to feel rushed but they also don't want to feel...
3 files — alpha-0.1.1b
There And Back Again - Revelations in Visual & Gameplay Design
As the majority of IGEO DX's gameplay design has been implemented, the primary focus of development will be shifting into bolstering and refining the visual des...
3 files — alpha-0.1.1b
The Open Alpha Roadmap
EDIT on 8/17/2020: The time frames for the road map have been pushed back a few weeks. First and foremost - thanks to all who have given IGEO DX a spin so far!...
3 files — alpha-0.1.1b