A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Open Alpha is now live! Please read the Alpha Tester's Guide if you're looking to help submit some bugs.

Casual but Challenging

Casual in it's approach but punishing in it's execution, IGEO DX is a fun and rewarding Sokoban-style puzzle game. Mechanically simple but challenging, players will push and combine like-shapes to solve increasingly complex spatial and logic puzzles. 

The goal is simple: clear the board. To remove shapes from the board players will have to push two of the same shape together. Combining shapes can have different effects and combining unlike shapes results in a game over.

It's not always so simple! With pits and walls, the player must move precisely to keep from falling off the board or trapping a shape in a tough spot.

Movement and Logic

IGEO DX thrives on challenging players' abilities to think forward and navigate the steps it will take to clear a level. As the game advances, special tiles and obstacles present additional adversity in moving and completing levels.

Whether you're slipping on Ice Tiles or engaging Switches to power Doors, you could be one move away from victory or failure.

Beware the Virus

Some tiles in the game are infected by a dangerous virus. Moving into these tiles will infect the player causing their movement to be capped at 10 tiles before they succumb to the disease and fail the level.

Good news, though - there are Curing Tiles ready and waiting to remove that dastardly infection and keep you scooting on!

Build Your Own

Upon its full release, IGEO DX will have an in-depth level creation system. This built-in tool will allow players to create any level they can imagine. Players can share their finished levels with anyone over the internet and find others' new and challenging levels to play.


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Version alpha-0.1.1b 16 days ago
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Version alpha-0.1.1b 16 days ago
MacOS Catalina+ 61 MB
Version alpha-0.1.1b 16 days ago

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